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We specialize in providing end-to-end services to overseas clients in the field of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation. Our Team integrates with the local/host Audit firm and assists the Engagement team in completing their audit deadlines by providing world class accounting, auditing and taxation related services to their clients. We provide hands on solution to all clients needs by working out their office in overseas.

Our Team specializes and thoroughly understands US GAAP, US Tax Basis Accounting and IFRS Accounting Principles and provides advisory services tailor-made as per client and country requirements.

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We also support organizations to manage their international workforce effectively. By integrating tax, technology, immigration and mobile administration services,Talati & Talati LLP can help you work across borders in more effective ways:

  • Preparation of Books of Accounts
  • Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Month MIS Reports
  • Preparation of expense vouchers, suppliers invoice, check deposit memo and any other documents Preparation of invoices
  • Payroll reconciliation
  • Rent roll processing and its reconciliation in case of property related matters
  • Preparation of financials statements

Overseas Deputation

We are specialized in Overseas Deputation of Chartered Accountants which provides end-to-end services to local clients in the field of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation. Our Team integrates with the local/host Audit firm and assists the Engagement team in completing their audit deadlines by providing world class accounting, auditing and taxation related services to their clients. We provide hands on solution to all clients’ needs by working out in their office in overseas, about 30 CAs to New York, United States each year since 2009.

Our accountants work in coordination with the engagement team, either in your office or at the client site, depending on the engagement team’ preference. Our team specializes and thoroughly understands, US GAAP, US Tax Basis Accounting, IFRS Accounting Principles, and provides advisory services tailor-made as per client and country requirements.

Auditing & Assurance

We at Talati & Talati, provide end to end solutions for auditing as per client requirement. With a team of professionally qualified experts and trained resources all GAAP/Tax basis assignments are delivered to clients in a timely manner keeping intact its quality and accuracy and with reduced cost.

Private Investors, Stockholders, Financial institutions and other stakeholders often requires assurance that the Financials represent the true financial picture of a Company. Each Stakeholder have different risk tolerance level, so we help you to provide three levels of assurance to meet the requirement
of stakeholders.

❖ Audit
❖ Review
❖ Compilation

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

With large number of employee benefit plan audit completed and designated team of qualified professionals, we are one of the major outsourcing service provider for benefit plan audit for United states from India. Our team is equipped with ongoing, in-depth trainings to provide our partner firms/client full support for carrying out Employee benefit plan audit assignments. Our Team Experience includes supporting our partner firm in carrying out smooth audit of following plans:

❖ Single and multi employers plan
❖ Defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans
❖ Profit sharing
❖ Employee stock ownership plans
❖ Employee retirement Income security Act of 1974 (ERISA) compliance

Bookkeeping, Accounting & Finance

We provide wide range of Bookkeeping and accounting services to ensure that client has up-to-date financial statements when they need it the most. We believe in understanding client’s need and developing a solution that is best suited to their requirements. By choosing us as your partner you will get paperless book-keeping and accounting solutions delivered with topmost priority to security and confidentiality. Our team of qualified personnel can help you with Below:

❖ General Book-keeping services
❖ CPA accounting services
❖ Assisting in sales tax and income tax returns
❖ Financial statement preparation services
❖ CPA write up services

US Tax Returns

Most of CPA firms struggle with time during busy tax seasons and has to deal with reduced utilisation of resources during off seasons. We being your outsource partner can help you deal with extreme situations at the time of busy tax seasons. Our CPA tax return preparation service can help you increase your productivity and profitability by channelizing your resources to more profitable / High-value clients. This will in turn help you in maintaining high level of job satisfaction and balanced work life. When you outsource to us, you will assured of secured delivery of work and with team of experiences qualified professionals you will be assured of timeliness and quality of services we provide:

We assist CPA firms in preparation of following tax returns:
❖ For Individual - Form 1040, Form 1040A and Form 1040EZ
❖ For Partnership - Form No- 1065 and K-1
❖ For Corporation - Form 1120, Form 1120A and Form 1120S
❖ Filing of 1099s


It involves tedious routine work. Outsourcing this process allows you to focus on growing and enhancing your core business. Save cost, focus on core tasks and enable growth without manpower and infrastructure restrictions. Timing and accuracy in processing payroll is what Employees want and employers want access to it in just one click and a smooth and accurately delivered payroll service. We provide proficient high-quality payroll services. Our services span from processing payroll to cutting checks and filing required returns. Our comprehensive payroll service will give you convenience and reliability, and also improve the employees’ payroll experience.

Services we provide:
❖ Payroll reports
❖ Payroll Tax Returns
❖ Quarterly and annual tax reports
❖ Employee insurance and other deductions

Word Processing & Typing

We offer a whole range of reliable and accurate word processing services. Our flexible word processing solutions are designed to add value to your business by bettering the way you or your business communicate with your employees and customers. Our reputation for professionalism and excellent services makes us a globally sought-after word processing service provider.

❖ Processing of Financial Statements through designated Software
❖ Processing of Financial Statements through MS Office
❖ Processing of various correspondence with client
❖ Initiating enable editing feature in Software

Gaap Advisory

For many companies, the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are an essential component of their financial reporting processes, both internally and externally. But the complex standards can be difficult to navigate - and changes in the reporting standards can have a big impact, both on your financial statements as well as your overall business.

Talati & Talati offers comprehensive guidance on all aspects of new standards implementation. We help clients understand effects on reporting, disclosure requirements, whether or not changes to internal controls are needed, how to communicate with relevant parties, and how much time it will take to manage it. Our professionals are deeply experienced in the nuances of regulatory language - in many cases participating in the writing itself as part of AICPA panels.

Staffing for all Positions

Accounting Roles
Data Entry Specialist

Data entry specialists are responsible for digitizing data for storage purposes. Their duties include:

❖ Collecting client information

❖ Maintaining an organized filing system

❖ Reviewing data for completeness and accuracy

❖ Attending to data queries

❖ Adhering to best data management practices


A Bookkeeper is responsible for recording and maintaining a business’ financial transactions, such as purchases, expenses, sales revenue, invoices, and payments. Their duties include:

❖ Maintain an accurate record of financial transactions

❖ Update and maintain the general ledger

❖ Reconciliation of entries into the accounting system

❖ Recording of debits and credits

❖ Maintain the trial balance, by a reconciliation of general ledgers

Junior Accountant

The junior accountant may analyze balance sheets, manage general ledger accounts, update financial statements, maintain accounts receivable and accounts payable, pay monthly payroll, and prepare financial reports. Their duties include:

❖ Maintains financial records for subsidiary companies

❖ Reconciles general and subsidiary bank accounts

❖ Provides financial status information 

❖ Corrects errors 

❖ Maintains general ledger accounts

Staff Accountant

A Staff Accountant handles a company’s accounting procedures and maintains a healthy financial profile ensuring compliance with state, federal, and local principles.

They prepare and review financial documents, reports, and statements. Their duties include:

❖ Maintains and updates accounting records and files

❖ Analyzes budgets and create expense reports

❖ Examines tax policies and handle tax payments and returns

❖ Meet clients to discuss confidential accounting issues

❖ Reconciles bank statements

Senior Accountant

Senior accountants prepare financial reports, perform research and analysis, maintain the general ledger, perform account reconciliations, assist with audit preparations, and carry out other accounting duties as may be required. Their duties include: 

❖ Coordinating accounting functions and programs.

❖ Preparing financial analyses and reports.

❖ Preparing revenue projections and forecasting expenditure.

❖ Assisting with preparing and monitoring budgets.

❖ Assisting with annual audit preparations.

Audit Manager

An audit manager is responsible for organizing and managing internal audits according to audit plans. The responsibilities of audit managers include overseeing the process of audits, making recommendations on policies, and ensuring that the organization fulfills international and governmental obligations of compliance. Their duties include:

❖ Extensive experience in auditing

❖ Solid knowledge of regulations and guidelines

❖ A record of success in internal and external audits

❖ Excellent communication skills

❖ Strong time management skills


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Security Breach

Data Security

Safegaurding your Data is our top priority!

We understand the need for secured data that is why our premises are covered with closed-circuit cameras to monitor and secure our workplace. Our Workstation policy disallows any storage device to be carried on the floor or server room and restricts usage of CD Drives, Floppy Drives, and USB Ports.

  1. Biometric Access Control
  2. Firewall Protection
  3. Restricted Internet Access
  4. Sophos Security
  5. Restricted Work Area

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